I am so glad that you have found your way to Reality Eats!

I come from a long line of Louisianan’s but grew up most of my young years in Houston, Texas. Louisiana culture, food and the love of a party, was always part of my upbringing. My mother loved to cook and entertain, as did most of the women in her family. I fortunately caught the cooking bug (and the party bug too). I was most often in the kitchen with her helping and learning and eventually cooking and experimenting with my own creations. 

My love for cooking and entertaining would eventually lead me to Chicago where I would become an executive in the hospitality/hotel catering business. It truly was a dream as I got to talk about food and parties every single day!  

As life continued, I became a mom of a beautiful boy, got divorced, lived as a single mom and eventually remarried and gained two beautiful step-daughters. Through these life stages, I always tried to maintain the importance of having dinner made for the family during the week nights. Sitting at the table together and enjoying a home cooked meal. During that time, working full time with occasional unusual hours, I needed to have a plan of action each week to make life easier. I started creating meal plans each Sunday with one large grocery trip each week. But as I learned over the years, those meal plans did not always go as perfectly planned because as we all know, things just come up unexpectedly. Due to my schedule, I needed to figure out how to adapt in those moments. Through that experience and creating a standard of staples that I always had on hand to shift as needed and still provide our family with a healthy (mostly) home cooked dinner. 

When the pandemic hit, I was an executive in the catering division of a luxury hotel. And like most in my industry, my job did not survive. I was at a bit of a loss on what to do next. There had always been this little nudge in the back of my mind to create a blog, sharing my personal cooking experiences. Well, if there was a time to embrace the moment, it was that time. It took a while as I had to learn new skills (like web design, photography, SEO, among the many non cooking skills). During this time we had a huge move from Chicago to Western Michigan. Throw in a major home renovation and living in beach town rentals for almost a year. Finally Reality Eats was born. 

I do hope that you enjoy following along my journey to provide my family with home cooked weeknight (and sometimes weekend) dinners. I would love to hear from you and help you adapt your weeknight dinners when life just happens.